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Case 10/2019: Kanpur's Divya Kaand. Minor Divya brutally raped and killed (Ep 81/82 on 4/5 Nov, 2019 on Crime Patrol Sarark Season 2)

2019 का दसवां केस
Case 10/2019
10-year-old Shruti (Divya or Anushka) is having heavy bleeding in school. For instance, the school's teacher and maid think it is normal bleeding but then they feel it is not as usual as it should be. Due to excessive bleeding Shruti is now fainted. School maids bring her to hospital and in-between informs her mother. Shruti's mother reaches the hospital and nurses theirs tells her that she was dead on arrival.
What happened to her in school that she couldn't survive? Here is the full story of one of the most shocking cases of UP which took 8 years in getting the final judgment. You will also understand the power of Political goons whose influence on the UP Police was bigger than their sole.

Episode is based a real story of Kanpur in 2010 whose verdict came last year. Divya Bhadauriya was elder daughter of Sonu Bhadauriya who was employed in a mall. The case was one of the most highlighted cases of the nation that year and was known as #DivyaKaand

inside story
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Episode Cast:
  1. Sharat sonu
  2. Kalpakshi Mudliyer
  3. Samar Katyan
  4. Riya Rawal
  5. Navin Tyagi
  6. Gauri Singh
  7. Rajiv Kumar
  8. Aasit Redij
  9. Sonakshi More
  10. Ashutosh Semwal
  11. Amar Chaudhary
  12. Anaya Soni
  13. Vibhuti Thakur
  14. Suman Patel
  15. Vikas Jain
  16. Neeraj Singh
  17. Cindrela D'Cruz
  18. Hemaakshi Ujjain
  19. Sanyogita Bhave
  20. Darshan Raj

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