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Crime Patrol Case 11/2019: A routine traffic checking reveals mystery behind a double murder (Ep 83/84 on 6/7 Nov, 2019 on Crime Patrol Satark Season 2)
Crime Patrol Case 3/2019: Mysterious murder case of third wife of Nalasopara man (Ep 70 on 18 Oct, 2019 Crime Patrol Satark Season 2)
Crime Patrol: Aagantuk - Shubham's murder opens truth behind many unknown facts (Crime Patrol Satark Season 2, Ep 48, 49 on 18/19 Sep, 2019)
Crime Patrol: Bandish - Goa's gangster Ashvin Rege shot dead (Ep 36, 37 - Crime Patrol Satark Season 2 on 02, 03 Sep 2019)
Case 12/2018: Shootout at Varanasi market. Businessman Mohan Nigam died on spot (Episode 904, 905 on 17th, 18th March 2018)
Tiraskaar: Double murder of mother Sarita and her Special Child Teena (Episode 701 on 26 August, 2016)
Khoj: Engineering student Anita leaves her home after she gets placement in a big company (Episode 658 on 15th May, 2015)
Ghaav: 16 years old Shweta commit suicide, leaves suicide note (Episode 606 on 15th January, 2016)
Qaid: Nazneen, Rashmi and Hina trapped into Human Trafficking (Episode 523, 524 on 26th, 27th June 2015)
Crime Patrol: Khauf | Foul murder of five members in Komal's family (Episode 516, 517 on 6th, 7th Jun 2015)
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