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Crimes Aaj Kal Episode 2 (Season 1) | The Broken Heart: The Perils of Online Connections, Bangalore techie who faked his death (24 Mar 2023 on Amazon MiniTV)

द ब्रोकन हार्ट
The Broken Heart

Francis in Kolkata keeps receiving repeated calls from an unknown number. The caller keeps threatening him to stay away from Sofia Disuza. At first, Francis ignores the calls, but due to their continuous occurrence, he eventually goes to the police and informs them about the calls. He tells them that he doesn't even know anyone named Sofia. Francis is frustrated and confused about why he is being bothered by this name, especially since he doesn't know her.

Show Host: Vikrant Massey

The police investigate the calls and find out that they were made by a boy named Sanjay Bariya. However, when Francis is asked about Sanjay, he says he doesn't know him either. The police track down Sanjay through call records, but when they go to meet him, they find his dead body. In his room, the police find many photos of a girl, indicating that Sanjay was obsessed with her. The police search for the girl by the photos and find her on social media. Her name is Sofia Disuza, and she works as a receptionist in a hotel.

When the police question Sofia, she denies any knowledge of Sanjay or Francis. However, the police suspect that both Francis and Sofia are involved in Sanjay's murder. As the investigation progresses, the police discover that Sanjay frequently talked to Sofia on a particular mobile number. Interestingly, this new number is registered in Sofia Disuza's name. But when the police trace the address associated with the number, they find a girl named Anita Das, who was actually using the number.

कलकत्ता के फ़्रांसिस को बार बार एक अनजाने नंबर से कॉल आ रहे हैं। कॉल करने वाला उसको सोफिया डिसूज़ा नाम की एक लड़की से दूर रहने की धमकी दे रहा है। पहले तो वो कॉल्स को अनदेखा करता है मगर फिर कॉल्स लगातार आने की वजह से वो पुलिस में जाकर इन कॉल्स के बारे में बताता है और ये भी बताता है कि वो सोफिया नाम की किसी लड़की को जानता ही नहीं है। वो इस बात से हताश है की अगर वो सोफिया को जानता ही नहीं है तो उसे क्यों इस नाम को लेकर इतना परेशान होना पड़ रहा है। पुलिस इन्वेस्टीगेशन शुरू करती है और पता चलता है कि फ़्रांसिस को आने वाली ये कॉल्स संजय बरिया नाम का एक लड़का कर रहा था। जब फ़्रांसिस से पूछा जाता है तो वो ये बताता है कि वो संजय बारिया नाम के किसी लड़के को भी नहीं जानता है। कॉल रिकॉर्ड्स की वजह से पुलिस संजय का पता निकालती है मगर जब वो उससे मिलने उसके घर जाती है तो उनको संजय की लाश मिलती है।

पुलिस के लिए ये अब अगला सवाल है की संजय को किसने मारा है। पुलिस को संजय के कमरे में एक लड़की की बहुत सारी फ़ोटोज़ मिलती हैं। ऐसा लगता है कि संजय इस लड़की को लेकर ऑब्सेस्ड था। इस लड़की का चेहरा ऑनलाइन सोशल मीडिया डेटाबेस में ढूँढा जाता है और फिर ये लड़की असल में पुलिस को मिलती है जिसका कि नाम है सोफिया डिसूज़ा। सोफिया एक होटल में रिसेप्शनिस्ट का काम करती है। पुलिस उससे पूछताछ करती है तो सोफिया ये सबके सामने साफ़ करती है की ना तो वो किसी संजय बारिया को जानती है और ना ही फ़्रांसिस को। पुलिस का शक है की सोफिया और फ़्रांसिस आपस में मिले हुए हैं और इनदोनों ने मिल कर संजय बारिया की हत्या की है। इसके अलावा पुलिस इनदोनों को साथ में मिलते हुए देखती है जिसके बाद पुलिस का शक इनके ऊपर और भी पुख़्ता हो जाता है।

आगे की तफ़तीश में पुलिस को पता चलता है कि संजय की बात एक मोबाइल फ़ोन पर अक्सर होती थी और ये नया नंबर भी सोफिया डिसूज़ा के नाम पर रजिस्टर है मगर पुलिस जब इस नंबर के रिकॉर्ड में लिखे हुए पते पर पहुचती है तो उनके सामने अनीता दास नाम की एक लड़की आती है जो असल में इस नंबर का इस्तेमाल कर रही थी।


The incident took place in 2012 in Mahadevpura, Bangalore when people spotted a suspicious black car. They observed a man sitting in the back seat with his entire head enclosed in a plastic bag, his legs and hands wrapped in duct tape. Their attempts to open the car failed as it was locked from the inside. The police were called, and they arrived around 10:30 AM. The car's registration number revealed that the man was named Sreerag Subrahmanyam. Upon visiting the address listed in the registration details, it turned out to be Sreerag's aunt's house, and Sreerag lived in a room within the AECS layout.

The police found Sreerag's friend, Vivek Bhosle, at his flat. He assisted the police in locating the duplicate car key and opening the car. Meanwhile, the forensic team and sniffer dogs had arrived at the scene. The sniffer dog led its handler to Sreerag's flat, suggesting that Sreerag had come directly from his flat to the car's location. The police registered a case of murder due to all the evidence pointing towards a robbery gone wrong, where the victim was likely killed due to resistance. However, the police were not entirely convinced that it was a murder. They found duct tape, scissors, and the car key inside the car, and Sreerag was also discovered in the back seat.

  • Mohit Duseja
  • aman tygi
  • simran tomar
  • ruchi tripathi
  • darshan dave
  • dhanesh dogra
  • abhijeet singh
  • kuldeep rawat
  • alok sengupta
  • amit ghosh
  • shriya tiwari
  • puneet kumar channa
  • birina chakravorty
  • bhimraj malaji
  • ruma mondal
  • simmi dixit
  • shikha dubey
  • uday mourya
  • siddhant mishra

Director: subbu Iyer
Co-Director: Navdeep Dahiya
Writer: subbu Iyer
Episode Director: Navdeep Dahiya
Project Head: Animesh G Bhaya
Producer: Vipul D Shah
Creative Director: Ankur Nayak
Executive Producer: Neeraj Naik
Director of Photography: Sunil Pillai
Dialogues: Chirag Kakkad
Production Company: Optimystix Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.

Season 1 Episode List

  1. S1 E1: Reel vs Real
  2. S1 E2: The Broken Heart
  3. S1 E3: Kill the Enemy
  4. S1 E4: The Last Party
  5. S1 E5: The Trap
  6. S1 E6: No Way Out
  7. S1 E7: War Of Words
  8. S1 E8: The Scapegoat
  9. S1 E9: The Missing Links
  10. S1 E10: Pursuit Of Desire

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  1. Really thrilled to see Darshan Dave in Uniform again. He is the best cop I believe. He is better than legendary actors Nissar Khan and Sanjeev Tyagi I believe. His voice, appearance and dashing personality. He should have got more chances when Classic Satark episodes were produced by Optimystics.

    Now, some of the favorite crime patrol stars like Puneet and Darshan Dave have started performing in Crimes Aaj kal episodes, we surely not miss any episodes. However, I would request Subbu Sir and his team to please please please change this web series format and make it in the way they once produced the Satark / Dastak episodes in 2016/ 2017 and 2018. Also please bring superstars Sanjeev Tyagi, Nissar Khan, Darshan Dave, Rajendra Shisatkar, Gulshan Pandey, Ujjwal Chopra, Moin Azam Khan, Manish Raj, Puneet Channa, Abhishek Khandekar, Yashodhan Rana, Chandra Prakash Thakur, also in the forthcoming episodes