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Crimes Aaj Kal Episode 2 (Season 1) | The Broken Heart: The Perils of Online Connections, Bangalore techie who faked his death (24 Mar 2023 on Amazon MiniTV)
EPISODES Dec 2022 | CRIME PATROL 2.0 | Episode 194 to 215
Crime Patrol | The Unfortunate - Princy Tiwari Murder case (Ep 176 on 17 Mar 2020)
Crime Patrol | Bedardi: Jaideep Mathur's wife Gauri and three kids found murdered in their home (Episode 717, 718 on 1, 2 October 2016)
Crime Patrol: Band Mutthi | A Jewellery Shop Robbery case unfolds a blind murder case (Episode 634 on 11th March, 2016)
Crime Patrol: Nagin - Bhoori's father and in-law's claims that she is a "Ichchadhari Nagin" (Crime Patrol Dial 100 Episode 92, 93 on 10th, 11th February, 2016)
Kshati (Chhati): Murder over obsene morphed photos of Amreen (Episode 602 on 3rd January, 2016)
Pyar Ki Ek Kahani: Jilted lover kills girlfriend Jyoti on ignoring him (Episode 610 on 27th November, 2015)
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