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EPISODES Dec 2022 | CRIME PATROL 2.0 | Episode 194 to 215


List of all the Crime Patrol 2.0 Episodes telecasted during Dec 2022.
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215. Divyang R@pe Case
30 Dec 2022
Saayli and Rohini, two individuals with extraordinary abilities, grapple with the arduous task of assimilating into a society that proves inhospitable to their unique circumstances. As Saayli's parents desperately seek a means to distance her from the home environment, Rohini toils as a domestic worker in multiple households, striving to support her brothers. However, their lives take a sinister turn when both girls fall victim to a heinous act of abduction and rape. Shall the guardians of law enforcement succeed in apprehending the perpetrators of this unspeakable crime and ensuring they face the consequences they deserve?

214. Junoon
29 Dec 2022
Pooja finds herself ensnared in a relentless struggle to make ends meet following the untimely demise of her husband. Tragically, her son's life is upended when she mysteriously disappears. Meanwhile, Ritika's father insists upon an alliance within the boundaries of their caste, but her aspirations for a blissful existence are cruelly quashed when she becomes the victim of a brutal murder on the very night she plans to elope with her beloved. Will the diligent efforts of the police bear fruit as they strive to unmask and bring to justice those responsible for these heart-wrenching crimes?

213. Cheekh
28 Dec 2022
Each criminal harbors the audacious belief that they can defy the laws of the land and evade the clutches of the justice system. Nilu and Manoj, driven by an insatiable curiosity, embark upon the clandestine endeavor of excavating a concealed chamber within their domicile, only to unearth the remains of a human skeleton entombed therein. Can the police successfully apprehend the perpetrator behind this macabre discovery and ensure that they face the full weight of justice?

211. Mysterious Dead Body
26 Dec 2022
Zareen, a nineteen-year-old maiden, finds herself entangled in an arranged marriage to Omaan, owing to her father's financial obligations to the groom's family. However, Omaan's mother harbors nefarious intentions, reneging on their initial agreement and demanding further concessions from Zareen's father. Matters take a grim turn when Zareen's family unearths her extramarital affair, culminating in a harrowing discovery: her charred remains abandoned in a desolate expanse. Will the quest for justice prevail, granting Zareen the retribution she so rightfully deserves?

210. Insaaf
23 Dec 2022
Mansi, a tenacious journalist and single mother, courageously seeks to extricate herself from an abusive marriage with Gaurav. Simultaneously, under the cloak of darkness, three women perpetrate a reprehensible act of molestation upon an unsuspecting delivery boy. Tragically, Mansi's luck runs out as she falls victim to a barbaric stoning in a secluded locale. Was her demise orchestrated by her estranged husband or a cruel twist of fate related to her profession?

209. Masoom
22 Dec 2022
On the auspicious occasion of Khushi's eleventh birthday, Puneet and Megha orchestrate a joyous celebration, subsequently venturing out late into the night to revel in the company of their collegiate companions. The following morning, the police make a grisly discovery within their abode: the lifeless bodies of Puneet and Megha. Shall the diligent efforts of law enforcement culminate in the apprehension of the elusive perpetrator responsible for this heinous crime?

208. Aatgaon Hatyakand
21 Nov 2022
Ravi and Swati, a contentedly married couple residing within the harmonious embrace of a joint family, experience a seismic shift in familial dynamics upon discovering Ravi's inability to father children. Concurrently, a disturbing trend emerges within the town of Aatgaon, wherein young women inexplicably vanish from public spaces. Can the police, through their unwavering determination, locate these missing girls before they fall victim to a sinister fate?

207. Bhool
20 Dec 2022
Aditya, Hemant, and Prashant, three inseparable comrades attending the same school, find themselves subjected to relentless bullying at the hands of a group of malevolent boys upon the arrival of Namita in Aditya's life. Matters spiral out of control when Hemant falls victim to a brutal murder. Will the tireless efforts of the police lead them to the doorstep of the elusive killer?

206. Qasoor
19 Dec 2022
Mansi and Darpan's dreams materialize as their families consent to their union in holy matrimony. However, Mansi finds herself grappling with the challenges of adjusting to her new life, only for tragedy to strike when she is discovered dead on Valentine's Day. In the depths of despair, a grief-stricken Darpan succumbs to the weight of his sorrow, choosing to end his own life. Can the police navigate the intricate web of clues and capture the perpetrator responsible for Mansi's untimely demise?

205. Shadyantra
16 Dec 2022
Murli and Arun, two intimate friends whose lives revolve around arduous labor, find solace in one another's company. Yet, both individuals harbor deep-seated discontent within their respective marriages. One fateful night, while toiling away during the late hours of their shared shift, their wives fall victim to a vicious act of murder. Whocould be deemed accountable for this gruesome crime?

204. Pratarak - Part 2
15 Dec 2022
The police force successfully narrows down the whereabouts of a fraudulent individual to a correctional facility in Bihar. However, the malefactor continues to torment innocent victims through the utilization of other individuals' phone numbers. How will the authorities bring an end to this menace and ensure that justice is served?

203. Pratarak - Part 1
14 Dec 2022
Shivani Yadav receives a suspicious phone call from an unidentified person who demands a staggering sum of five crore rupees in exchange for her husband's release. Subsequently, the police trace the origin of the phone number, leading them to Suresh, who claims to be a victim of fraud himself. Will the police be able to dismantle this illicit operation and put an end to this nefarious racket?

202. The House Maid
13 Dec 2022
Manju, a seventeen-year-old girl, resolves to work as a domestic helper to contribute to her brother's medical treatment. Unfortunately, the family for whom she toils fails to treat her with the kindness and respect she deserves. However, when they discover Manju's pregnancy, they promptly terminate her employment. The following day, the police discover her lifeless body. Will justice prevail, ensuring that those responsible for her tragic demise face the consequences they deserve?

201. Insaaf
12 Dec 2022
Phulwa, a fifteen-year-old girl burdened with the challenges arising from her father's disability, valiantly refuses to let her responsibilities hinder her from standing up for justice and righteousness. Tragically, her indomitable spirit is cut short when her life is abruptly extinguished. Will the police succeed in apprehending the culprits responsible for this heinous act?

200. Dhamaka
09 Dec 2022
Bhuvan, Jayant, and Guru, three steadfast friends who have shared numerous hardships throughout their childhood, find their bond tested by the seeds of animosity sown in Bhuvan's heart, resulting in a bitter rupture in their relationship. Tragically, the situation takes a devastating turn as explosions engulf the families of both Jayant and Guru. Who can be held accountable for this tragic turn of events?

199. Bebasi
08 Dec 2022
Akruti, burdened with the responsibility of raising her two teenage daughters following her husband's passing, struggles to make ends meet while juggling the demands of a stable job. Unbeknownst to her, the cruelty of certain men in her life lies in wait. When one of her daughters goes missing, she resolves to seek the aid of the police. Will their investigation yield justice for her daughter and bring the perpetrators to account?

198. Parchai
07 Dec 2022
Chand's decision to settle down and embark on a journey of matrimony leaves a trail of broken hearts in its wake. However, his dreams of a blissful union are shattered when he meets an untimely demise on the day of his wedding. Who harbors such deep animosity towards Chand that they would resort to such a deplorable act?

197. Gumrah
06 Dec 2022
Amrita, a twenty-two-year-old with a physical disability, mourns the loss of her grandmother. One fateful night, her neighbors alert the police, reporting disturbing screams emanating from her residence. As the authorities arrive on the scene, Amrita threatens to unleash mayhem upon the entire neighborhood. How will the police intervene and provide assistance in this precarious situation?

196. Chakravyu 05 Dec 2022
Pooja, compelled to abandon her studies and support her family due to an impending arrival of a newborn, finds herself trapped in a society plagued by debt and hardship. Her aspirations of a bright future are brutally shattered when she becomes a victim of r@pe. Will the police succeed in apprehending the perpetrator and ensuring that justice prevails?

195. Madhya Pradesh-Indore Murder Case 02 Dec 2022
Kunti, a forty-year-old single mother, valiantly shoulders the responsibility of caring for her two teenage children while holding down a stable job. However, her assertive demeanor attracts a few enemies along the way. Will the police be able to identify and apprehend the perpetrators responsible for her tragic murder?

194. Awaaz
01 Dec 2022
Kusum, a strong-willed woman, finds herself embroiled in a web of trouble when her brother absconds from home. Her nightmares persist as she falls victim to a harrowing kidnapping after work. Can the police succeed in capturing the men accountable for this heinous act and ensuring that justice prevails?

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