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Pyar Ki Ek Kahani: Jilted lover kills girlfriend Jyoti on ignoring him (Episode 610 on 27th November, 2015)

प्यार की एक कहानी
Story of Love
Jyoti (played by Ruchi Tripathi) is the only daughter of her parents. She is bright student and wants to become a journalist. An evening she leaves from her home saying she is going to get a recharge for her mobile phone but does not return.

On the other hand Rohit is a plumber who also moves from his home at the same time.
After some time Jyoti's father gets a call from a police station that their daughter got injured and she is admitted in the hospital. After reaching hospital, they comes to know that Jyoti was attacked by Rohit and after he slit her throat, slit his wrist also. Doctor are saying that Jyoti is critical but Rohit is out of danger.

Who was Rohit and why he attacked Jyoti?

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Here is the inside story of the case

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