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Crimes Aaj Kal Episode 2 (Season 1) | The Broken Heart: The Perils of Online Connections, Bangalore techie who faked his death (24 Mar 2023 on Amazon MiniTV)
Pune Double Murder: Illicit relation between Dr Sanjay and Maya ends with a double murder (Crime Patrol Dial 100 Episode 333 on 15th December, 2016)
Crimes Patrol | Swayed: Retired Senior citizen parents murdered and left to decompose for two months (Episode 476, 477 on 28 Feb and 1 March 2015)
Tit for Tat: Daily wage Labour Sushma molested in presence of neighbor Devki Teli (Episode 456, 457 on 10th, 11th Jan 2015)
Crime Patrol | Unleashed Predators: Delhi 2010, Dhaulakuan gang r*pe case (Episode 439, 440 on 29, 30 Nov 2014)
Crime Patrol | Framed: A Murder, A Custodial Death and 13 years of justice (Episode 408, 409 on 22, 23 August 2014)
Mohan's mother and mentally challenged brother Shankar found killed (Episode 15 on 17th June 2011)
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