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Crime Patrol Actresses - Rare Faces, List 13 | Video List 7

Crime Patrol is India's longest-running crime show, which first premiered in 2003. Due to its success, Sony TV continued to release new seasons over time. After 20 years, it remains one of the most successful crime shows on TV. The show has undergone several changes and improvements in its story, plot, actors, and direction. The fourth season, which aired between 2011 and 2018, is considered the show's golden period.

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Crime Patrol Actresses List Videos

It was solely hosted by actor Anup Soni and directed by Subramanian S.lyer, also known as Subbu. The series was named Crime Patrol Dastak and then Crime Patrol Satark and produced by Optimystix Entertainment.

This season covered many significant and well-known incidents in India such as below among others:

  1. the Delhi Radhika Tanwar murder case
  2. the Delhi Gang-r*pe case
  3. the Speak Asia Scam
  4. the Baby Falak case
  5. the Akanksha Sharma Murder case
  6. the Sonali Mukherjee Acid Attack Case
  7. the Uber R*pe case
  8. Dhaula Kuan R*pe case
  9. Chennai's 11-year-old Dilshan murder case
  10. the Story of Aikulal and Akbar

Many of the actors appearing in each episode became regular cast members and continued to appear in subsequent episodes. However, there are a few actresses who appeared in only a few episodes and are not as well-known. This article will highlight some of these actresses who were either rarely seen on the show or appeared multiple times but are not widely recognized.

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