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List of all the Challenge 24 hours Episodes telecasted during Jul 2023.
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17. The Unfinished Business
31 Jul 2023
In Sikar, Rajasthan, a 24-year-old named Varsha Chaudhari and her father are brutally killed right before Varsha's wedding. Can the police find the people who did this and bring them to justice?

16. Safar
28 Jul 2023
In Mumbai, Maharashtra, Ajeet Patil is brutally killed on his wedding anniversary. His wife, Reema, thinks Ajeet's stepfamily might be involved. Will the police find the killer?

15. QR Code
27 Jul 2023
In Valsad, Gujarat, a young girl named Dhwani Shah is found badly hurt in the street. Police think a dangerous human trafficking group might be involved. Can they catch them?

14. Shikast
26 Jul 2023
In Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, a smart young girl named Mansi Tomar is found dead in her home. Her family thinks her brother-in-law did it. Will the police find out what really happened?

13. The Bloody Night
25 Jul 2023
In Indore, Madhya Pradesh, two people are killed in one night with the same weapon. Can the police catch the killer before someone else gets hurt?

12. Parchai
24 Jul 2023
In Pune, Maharashtra, Neha Verma, 25, is kidnapped on her way home from work. The police find her dead the next day. Will they catch her killer?

11. Chakravyuh
21 Jul 2023
In Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Maira Parikh is kidnapped from her home. Her father, Raghav, is killed trying to save her. Will the police find the one responsible?

10. Barood
20 Jul 2023
In Valsad, Gujarat, the police hear that explosive material has been stolen. They think a big terror attack might be planned. Can they stop it?

9. The Xiva Cab Case
19 Jul 2023
In Hyderabad, Surya Nambiar is kidnapped by criminals during a cab ride. The criminals ask for ransom from the cab company. Will the police find out what they really want?

8. Ummeed
18 Jul 2023
In Mumbai, Meeta Pardeshi dies in a road accident coming home from work. Her daughter worries it wasn't an accident. Will the police find out?

7. Chase
17 Jul 2023
In Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, two girls are kidnapped, but no ransom is demanded. Can the police solve this before it's too late?

6. Devil's Triangle
15 Jul 2023
Truck drivers are mysteriously killed in the jungles between Jaipur, Ajmer, and Tonk, called the 'Devil's Triangle'. The police search for the killer as more than thirty drivers have been killed and their trucks vanished. Will they solve the case in 48 hours?

4. masoom
14 Jul 2023
In Indore, Madhya Pradesh, a woman takes over a daycare center and holds kids hostage. Will the police stop her before it's too late?

4. A 48 Hours Challenge For Police
13 Jul 2023
In Mumbai, a serial killer roams the streets, picking victims from secluded places and murdering them. How will the police catch him without leads?

3. Itefaq
12 Jul 2023
In Pune, Sarita Patil is kidnapped from a temple. Later, other Patil family members are found dead or missing. Can the police find the culprit?

2. The Last Video Call
11 Jul 2023
In Jaipur, social worker Ashmita gets a video call from a deaf and mute girl who might commit suicide. She calls the police for help. How will they solve this?

1. Madhuhans Apartment's Hostage
10 July 2023
In Agra, the Avasthi family is held at gunpoint. The criminal won't negotiate and shoots at the police. What will the police do now?

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