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Case 18/2019: Rajasthan Mother Premlata gave 1 lac contract to kill her own 21 years old son Mohit (Ep 95 on 22 Nov, 2019 Crime Patrol Satark)
Case 80/2017: 55 years old clerk Ashok Gupta brutally killed and looted (Episode 883 on 31 Dec, 2017)
Case 48/2017: UP Shocker, Suicide or Murder? Four siblings killed in 7 years (Episode 830, 831 on 15th, 16th July, 2017)
Case 21/2017: Electrician Amjad stabs Mukhtar to death in broad daylight (Episode 782, 783 on 25th, 26th Mar, 2017)
Mumbai Double Murder: Two women murdered over obscene videos (Crime Patrol Dial 100 Episode 377 on 26th Jan, 2017
Case 2/2017: Yavatmal's blind murder led police to another murder case ((Episode 754 on 6th January, 2017)
Baadal: Kanpur's triple murder case (Episode 339, 340 on 26th, 27th Nov, 2016)
Rakeeb: Story of Seema and Shalini alias Mumtaaz and a Murder (Episode 690, 691 on 30th, 31st July, 2016)
Chakra: A sister's revenge on her brother's murder (Episode 674 on 24 Jun 2016)
Shak: Manisha's dilemma after her husband comes back (Crime Patrol Dial 100 Episode 110 on 14th March, 2016)
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