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EPISODES Sep 2022 | CRIME PATROL 2.0 | Episode 129 - 150


List of all the Crime Patrol 2.0 Episodes telecasted during Sep 2022.
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Episode 150. Jaanwar
30 Sep 2022
Chhaya's lifeless body is discovered in a desolate location, while Juhi, orphaned by tragedy, is subjected to mistreatment by her aunt. Will the authorities be able to mete out the justice that these young girls so rightly deserve?

Episode 149. Aaghat
29 Sep 2022
A trio, whose breadwinner is a bus driver, experiences a sinister turn of events when the cake that the husband presents as a surprise turns out to be an explosive device. Who could be responsible for this despicable act?

Episode 148. Fasana
28 Sep 2022
Richa returns home from her studies in China, only to find her family slaughtered in their own home. Will the police succeed in apprehending the killer?

Episode 147. Ahankaar
27 Sep 2022
Mala, a diligent nurse, is drugged and awakens on the side of the road, but when the incident repeats itself, the situation becomes dire. Will the police be able to track down the perpetrator?

Episode 146. Sanak
26 Sep 2022
Two lovers who would stop at nothing to be together are found murdered, and upon investigation, the police discover that their fathers have been embroiled in a long-standing feud. Who is culpable for their untimely demise?

Episode 145. Bebas
23 Sep 2022
Kajal alleges that she was sexually assaulted by a prominent Swami, while a young girl is coerced into marrying a mentally challenged man. Will justice be served in both cases?

Episode 144. Karaar
22 Sep 2022
Falguni, a hardworking single mother, falls in with the wrong crowd in her quest to provide for her daughter's future, ultimately leading to her demise. Will the police be able to help bring justice to her name?

Episode 143. Gahri-Chaal
21 Sep 2022
The laborers at a construction site face numerous challenges, and their families are devastated when their daughters are murdered. Will the police be able to bring the guilty parties to justice?

Episode 142. Narak
20 Sep 2022
The police in Solapur discover dismembered corpses dumped in a waterway. Is there a serial killer on the loose?

Episode 141. Kaamna
19 Sep 2022
Ahana, a devoted mother, struggles to trust her husband and experiences abuse at work, where she has more foes than friends. Her empathy leads her to assist prostitutes who are forced to work against their will, but she is beaten and r@ped late at night after finishing work. Will the police be able to deliver justice?

Episode 140. Jaghanya
16 Sep 2022
A family is brutally massacred during a festive occasion, but what could have prompted such a heinous act?

Episode 139. Haivaniyat
15 Sep 2022
A woman is repeatedly r@ped for two days, but she summons the courage to seek the help of the police. Will the perpetrators of this heinous crime be brought to justice?

Episode 138. Masoom
14 Sep 2022
Nisha and her husband are abused and mistreated by their family because of their unprofitable home business, but the situation takes a dark turn when Nisha's newborn is viciously stabbed. Who could be responsible for this atrocious act?

Episode 137. Ateet
13 Sep 2022
Neha takes the initiative to dismantle a crime syndicate in Saharanpur, but young girls are abused and disappear from the town. Will the authorities be able to deliver justice?

Episode 136. Shadyantra
12 Sep 2022
Tanvi, a woman with aspirations, is coerced into marrying against her will and is stabbed to death while pregnant. Who is responsible for this ghastly murder?

Episode 135. Asambhav
09 Sep 2022
Anjali reports to the police that she has been the victim of an unspeakable crime, but the authorities struggle to obtain concrete evidence. Will justice be served?

Episode 134. Atyachar
08 Sep 2022
Sarika, in love with a man, is forced into an arranged marriage, and her mother is later found brutally murdered in their home. Who could be responsible for such a barbaric act?

Episode 133. Pita
07 Sep 2022
Bikhu and Sindhu, farmers in a small village, find themselves targeted by a political leader, and they seek the police's help after losing their daughter. Will justice be served in their case?

Episode 132. Ehsaas
06 Sep 2022
Minni, a 10-year-old, witnesses the murder of her mother and is left to fend for herself on the streets. She is subsequently framed for another heinous crime. Will she receive the justice she deserves?

Episode 131. Kukarm
05 Sep 2022
Neelam, a kind-hearted college student, is brutally murdered, and her widowed mother, struggling with health issues, seeks the help of the police to ensure that justice is served.

Episode 130. Nasoor
02 Sep 2022
Sulochna, who struggles to keep her family happy, witnesses a r@pe and is later found brutally murdered in her home. Will the police be able to deliver justice in her case?

Episode 129. Jaalsaaz
01 Sep 2022
A woman is compelled to sign over her property papers by a group of thugs, while the police officers assigned to the case struggle to balance their personal and professional responsibilities. Will justice prevail in this matter?

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