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Crime Patrol | Case 48/2017: UP Shocker, Su!c!de or Murder? Four siblings killed in 7 years (Episode 830, 831 on 15, 16 July 2017)

Based on duo brother's murder case in Jhansi, Uttar pradesh.

Hailing from Baruasagar, Anil Pateria killed Deepak on September 11 2016 and threw his body in a canal. Police registered that case a accidental death. Sanjay, a cousin of Deepak was suspicios about Deepak's murder ad when he questioned Sanjay, Sanjay now hatched a plan to finish him as well. He took help of his brother-in-law Raju and killed Sanjay. According to police, a lady named Sudha Sharma accompanied them was also involve in these murders. Police also revealed that Anil also murdered Sanjay's wife in 2009 and his brother-in-law in 2011.
Mohan Jaiswal is the only son of mother Pushpa who was found hanging at a desolated place and was spotted by his friends. It is looking like a su!c!de case but police also find some used glasses of alcohol which is looking suspicious. On investigating the case, the police come to know that this unfortunate family already have gone through two deaths of Neeta and Arvind in 2009 and 2011 who were Mohan's cousins and now his sudden death is also looking suspicious.
Mohan was five siblings and as per police records, this was third death but they get a shock when Mohan's mother tells them that Neeta-Arvind's brother Prateek was also found dead just a month before and it was a case of accidental death! When the police start investigating their call records, they come to know that Neeta's husband Rakesh Jaiswal, Prateek, and his another cousin Rahul they all were connected to a woman Kamini who was Prateek's maternal cousin's wife. Now police call Kamini and her husband Mukesh for questioning.

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Priya Shinde, Crime Patrol
Sudha Sharma as Kamini
Played by Priya Shinde

Anil Pateria as Rakesh
Played by Boloram Das

Akhilesh Sharma as Rahul
Played by Azad Ansari

Rajendra Sharma as Kapil
Played by Aftab Alam

Brijendra Sharma as Mukesh
Played by Sudeep Sarangi


Rani Sharma as Neeta
Played by Neha Agarwal

Dharmendra Sharma as Arvind
Played by Mridul Das

Deepak Sharma as Prateek
Played by Nishant Singh

Sanjay Sharma as Mohan
Played by Ashish Bhatt

Part 1:
Part 2:

Part 1: su!c!de or Murder 1
Part 2: su!c!de or Murder 2
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