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Crime Patrol | Case 18/2019: Rajasthan Mother Premlata gave 1 lac contract to kill her own 21 years old son Mohit (Ep 95 on 22 Nov 2019 Crime Patrol Satark)

2019 का अठारवाँ केस
Case 18/2019

(Darkness Ahead, Ep. 95)
21-year-old Karan Bajwa is a drug-addicted boy who went missing. Her mother Harleen Bajwa is trying to find his in the village along with his friend Rajvir. She asks her daughter Gurpreet also but no clue. Finally, they go to the police station to raise his missing complaint where they come to know that police already has found Karan's dead body in the Sahib Nagar area.
Based on a real incident of Rajasthan. 21-year-old Mohit Sutar's dead body was found in the area and 10 days long investigation ended with a shocking truth that he was planned to kill by his mother Premlata Sutar. For this mother gave a supari (contract killing) of 1 lac rupees to another man named Ganpat.

Below is the inside story of the case.
inside story
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