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Crime Patrol | Case 19/2019: Loni Ghaziabad Woman killed and buried in a 6 feet deep grave (Ep 96, 97 on 25, 26 Nov, 2019 Crime Patrol Satark Season 2)

2019 का उन्नीसवाँ केस
Case 19/2019

(Gone Away, Ep. 96, 97)
Seema (Dolphin Dubey) is a married woman who lives with her husband and a son. Being elder in the family she gets respect from everyone. Apart from that everyone obeys her decisions on any family issue. A day she leaves for a place and goes disappear. When her missing compliant is raised, the police come to know from CCTV footages that she went to a hotel where she was looking like not well. Weeks passed police is still clueless about her.
The story is based on a real incident of Loni (Ghaziabad) where a married woman Baby went suddenly missing from her home in August 2017. The case took 8 months to solve and police arrested her sister Rekha and her live-in partner Jaan Mohammad along with 4 other accompanies. The baby was killed by Jaan on the same day she went missing. The reason behind this murder was an ancestral property the sibling was sharing at their paternal place in Baghpat. Rekha wanted to sell this property while Baby was stopping her. Apart from this, she was also used to blame Baby for her separation from her husband.

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