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Crime Patrol | Season 4 | 20 year old Radhika Tanwar shot dead in broad daylight (Episode 1, 29 Apr 2011)

First episode of Crime Patrol Season 4.

20 year old Sarika (real name Radhika Tanwar and played by Gulki Joshi) was shot dead by a unknown person (played by Mahesh Sharma).

She was with his friend Ashish (real name Aditya) around 10:30 in the morning and was just climbing down the foot-over bridge when a unknown person came from backside and shoots her. Aditya tried to chase that assailent but he ran away rapidly.

Radhika Tanwar and played by Gulki Joshi

This was a blind case for Delhi Police but the solved it within 2 days.

Who was that shooter? Why did he shoot Sarika?

Online Episode on Sonyliv:

Online episode on Youtube:

Click here for the inside story, Radika's photo and crime patrol version of the case.

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