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Crime Patrol | Pretense: Actress missing, social networking involved, love angle...yet no crime! (Episode 345, 346 on 7th, 8th March 2014)
Crime Patrol | Raaz : Minor Ravi goes missing while playing with friends (Ep 54 on 26 Sep 2019 - Crime Patrol Satark Season 2)
Palatwaar: Businessman Sandeep shot dead during morning walk (Episode 586, 587 on 6th, 7th Nov, 2015)
A Bitter End: Murder of Ashish Taneja brings up some illict facts (Episode 337 on 7th Feb 2014)
Destiny, Motherhood and an Abduction (Episode 227, 228 on 29th, 31th March 2013)
A Kidnap: 21-year old Trupti goes missing with her cousin brother (Episode 57 on 11th November 2011)
Crime Patrol | Season 4 | 20 year old Radhika Tanwar shot dead in broad daylight (Episode 1, 29 Apr 2011)
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