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Destiny, Motherhood and an Abduction (Episode 227, 228 on 29th, 31th March 2013)

Year 2000, Jogeshwari:
Rashmi (real name Aarti Tanawade played by Hemangi Kavi) gives birth to a baby boy. Her husband give her name 'Ashish'. Near 3 years of age Ashish falls ill and goes into comma. His medical expense is hard to afford for the family whether sandip, father of Ashish is a driver. Worried sandip dies of heart attack. After few weeks Ashish also passes away. Rashmi's mother in law throws her away from her home and blames her that she is the only cause of these miss-happenings. Rashmi is a good cook so she opens her catering service. During this she adopts a small girl Seema and takes care of her like a mother does.
Year 2008, Surat:
Manju (real name Sheetal Rajput and played by Ekta Tiwari), who is not anywhere related to Rashmi, gives birth to a baby boy and all gives her name Deepak (real name Jignesh). Doctor explains that Deepak has only one kidney by birth so he will require extra care throughout his life. Deepak is a naughty boy and during playing in the colony he goes missing. Some people tell that a lady carried him away. This was a abduction related to child trafficking and Deepak was found at Mumbai by Rashmi. Rashmi takes care of the child for 2 year until he was found back by his original parent from Gujrat (Surat).

Here is the inside story of the case:

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