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Destiny, Motherhood and an Abduction (Episode 227, 228 on 29th, 31th March 2013)

Year 2000, Jogeshwari:
Hemangi Kavi plays the role of Rashmi (real name Aarti Tanawade) in the following story. Rashmi gives birth to a baby boy whom her husband names Ashish. Tragically, Ashish falls ill and slips into a coma at the age of three. As Sandip, Ashish's father, is a driver, the family struggles to afford his medical expenses. Sandip becomes increasingly worried about his son's condition and suffers a fatal heart attack. A few weeks later, Ashish also passes away. Rashmi's mother-in-law blames her for these unfortunate events and throws her out of the house. Despite this setback, Rashmi makes use of her culinary skills and starts her own catering service. She also adopts a young girl named Seema and cares for her like a mother.
Year 2008, Surat:
The character of Manju, played by Ekta Tiwari and whose real name is Sheetal Rajput, is not related to Rashmi in any way. She gives birth to a baby boy named Deepak, whose real name is Jignesh. The doctor informs Manju that Deepak was born with only one kidney and will require extra care throughout his life. Despite this, Deepak is a mischievous boy and one day while playing in the colony, he goes missing. Some people report that they saw a woman carrying him away. It turns out that Deepak was abducted as part of a child trafficking operation and taken to Mumbai. Fortunately, Rashmi locates him and takes care of him for two years until his original parents from Gujarat are able to find him and take him back.

Online Episode on YouTube:

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