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Crime Patrol | Accidental death of Aashish Patil turned into Murder case (Episode 67 on 16 Dec 2011)
Crime Patrol | Delhi police rescued 18 months old ishan (Episode 72 on 31 Dec 2011)
Crime Patrol | Case 2/2017: Yavatmal's blind murder led police to another murder case (Episode 754 on 6 January 2017)
Chhutkara: Mumbai bar girl Rajni Maane identified after three months of murder (Episode 538, 539 on 31st July, 1st Aug, 2015)
A Child's Trauma: Rajasthan, The innocent girl Komal Molested and assaulted  (Episode 307 on 25th Oct 2013)
Destiny, Motherhood and an Abduction (Episode 227, 228 on 29th, 31th March 2013)
Shaitaan (Colors TV): Samresh and Bilas turns serial killers for Insurance Policy claim (Episode 11 on 13th Jan 2013)
Ahsaas Channa: Crime Patrol Actors and Actresses
New born baby girl become unwanted between battle of 2 families (Episode 152, 153 on 8, 9 Sep 2012)
Crime Patrol: "Iss raat ki subah nahi" Story of Gauri (Episode 130, 131 on 14, 15 July 2012)
Sunita Makhija cheated after death of her husband's insurance claim of 12 lac (Episode 84, 11 Feb 2012)
Gangster Anant Javle take revange after 1 year (Episode 6 on 14 May 2011)
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