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Shaitaan (Colors TV): Samresh and Bilas turns serial killers for Insurance Policy claim (Episode 11 on 13th Jan 2013)

Patna, Bihar
The case fucuses on Criminal with Recklessness.

A insurance agent duo Samresh and Bilas who killed 6 people for their insurance policy amount with the help of a contract killer. It was their profession to convince a person for a Life Insurance Policy. Later they change policy to Accidental policy and murders victim. During their profession they raised 27 policies and killed 6 people for insurance amount. Being successful in their startup crimes, they turned reckless and planned killing of more people.

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In criminal law, recklessness (also called unchariness) is one of the four possible classes of mental state constituting mens rea (the Latin for "guilty mind"). To commit an offence of ordinary as opposed to strict liability, the prosecution must be able to prove both a mens rea and an actus reus, i.e., a person cannot be guilty of the offence for their actions alone. There must also be an appropriate intention, knowledge, recklessness, or criminal negligence at the relevant time (see concurrence). Recklessness may constitute an offense against property or involve significant danger to another person.

The precise definition of recklessness has been contested and has evolved. It generally involves a person pursuing a course of action while consciously disregarding the fact that the action gives rise to a substantial and unjustifiable risk.

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