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UPDATE: Chronology of 16 Dec Delhi Nirbhaya Case

The Chronology

Again a shameful incident and again in Delhi shocked the whole country.

Here we are trying to explain what exactly happen on the night of 16th Dec 2012. Media started exploring the news on 17th December 2013 morning.

- Victim and her male friend were returning after watching the movie Life of Pi in Saket (South Delhi).

- Spending some time at saket they got a auto upto Munirka. They again waited there for next conveyance at bus stop.
- Near 9:30 in the night they took a black glasses and curtained charted bus(back of the bus shows Yadava Travels). In the meantime they asked many auto and taxi but all of them denied saying they will not go that way or they will drop them somewhere etc.

- They board the bus when they saw 5 more passengers are already in the bus.

- After seating into the bus other guys started commenting/tantrum them. When guy shouted at them, they all 5 started beating him badly.

- Girl tries to stop them. She was dialing 100 from her cellphone but they snatch her cell phone. Now all of them decided to teach a lesson to her.

- Driver started rotating the bus around many places.

- They brought girl to the back seat. They beaten both of them. The youngest attacker abused her and ripped out her intestine with his hands.

- They thought the girl is dead. Again they beaten up guy with a iron rod and threw them out of the bus a Mahipalpur Flyover after two to two and half hours.

- Girl had no clothes when she was thrown out of the bus and guy was badly injured and ensanguined.
- All the people passing from the way were looking at them but no one stopped to help them.

- Someone gave him his cellphone to call the police. Police PCR van came.

- One by one 3 PCR van came and according to the male victim, they took half an hour to decide which police station case this should be!

- Guy was crying to call the ambulance as girls condition was critical. Someone gave him a shawl.

- Finally police decided to bring them to AIIMS trauma center which is about "12 Kms" away from Mahipalpur flyover.

- Later girl was sent to Safdarjung hospital.

- 18th Dec, Police arrested 4 culprit after 2 days of the incident took place and they identified as- Ramsingh, Pawan aka Kallu, Vinay and Mukesh.

- They all accepted that they were badly drunk that night and they explained that they washed the bus after the whole incident took place.

- They also accepted that they were even holdup few times.

- According to police the girl tried to fight with her assailants, biting three of them.

- 19th Dec, Doctors removed her intestines due to risk of gangrene and started intravenous nutrition and medicines.

- 21st Dec, government appointed a committee of physicians to ensure she will get proper and best medical care.

- 25th Dec, she put on tracheal intubation on life support system and was is critical condition. According to doctors her internal bleeding is in control to an extent but her bilirubin level is not in control.

- 26th Dec, she was still critical and Safdarjung doctor decided to bring her to Medanta Medcity, Gurgaon.

- 26th Dec, same day committee decided to send her to Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore. Mount Elizabeth Hospital is known for multi-organ transplant speciality and by the evening of same day they sent her Singapore by air ambulance.

- 28th Dec, Her condition became extremely critical and officers of Mount Elizabeth Hospital said that girl is suffered from many organ damage and is still fighting for life.

- 29th Dec, Her condition became deteriorate and she passed away at 2:15 AM, IST.
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