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EPISODES May 2022 | CRIME PATROL 2.0 | Episode 41 to 62


List of all the Crime Patrol 2.0 Episodes telecasted during May 2022.
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Episode 62: Raaz
31 May 2022
Ten-year-old Keval Shah's dead body is found hanging from a tree. The police suspect that Keval's death could be a planned murder instead of an unfortunate su!c!de. Will they be able to get to the bottom of the case?

Episode 61: Virar Double Murder Case
30 May 2022
In Virar, a young girl named Supriya gets kidnapped from her home. A few days later, Supriya's dead body is found in a lake. Can Mumbai police find the killer?

Episode 60: Framed
27 May 2022
Constable Mehul Mehta gets framed for the false charges of corruption. Before he could raise his voice against this injustice, he gets brutally killed by a hired hitman. Can the Gujarat police department clear his name and find his killer?

Episode 59: Mask
26 May 2022
In Khopoli, a masked serial killer is on the loose, claiming the lives of many young and innocent women. Can the police find him and put an end to his terror?

Episode 58: Mumbai Double Murder Case
25 May 2022
Mumbai police crime branch finds Dipti Tawde's dead body near Naigaon Highway. Dipti's boyfriend, Amaan, comes under the eye of suspicion. Can the police get to the bottom of this case?

Episode 57: Bhopal Missing Case
24 May 2022
A young child reaches the police station to complain about her mother, Ruchi's disappearance. The police uncover that Ruchi was investigating a sex trafficking racket before she went missing. Can the police find her?

Episode 56: Jalgaon Double Murder Case
23 May 2022
In Jalgaon, P.S.I Sandeep Gawai's trampled dead body is found. The police suspect that his murder could be related to a r@pe case that he was investigating. Will the police be able to catch the person behind this heinous act?

Episode 55: Bhopal Drug Trafficking Case
20 May 2022
A young girl named Pallavi discovers that her boss, Prashant, runs a drug trafficking business on the side. But before she could inform the police, Pallavi mysteriously goes missing. Can the police find Pallavi and uncover the mystery behind her disappearance?

Episode 54: Lucknow Kidnapping Case
19 May 2022
In Lucknow, politician Kalyani Mishra gets kidnapped by a few masked men in the middle of the day. Can the police find the kidnappers and get Kalyani back to safety?

Episode 53: Naigaon Murder Case
18 May 2022
In Naigaon, a girl named Sanjeeda Sheikh gets caught in the middle of a war between two political parties. Things take an ugly turn when her dead body is found outside her apartment building. Can the police find the one responsible?

Episode 52: Framed
17 May 2022
Construction supervisor, Alpesh Gajjar, gets framed for murdering a man working under him. Is Alpesh truly guilty, or is he being framed for a crime he did not commit?

Episode 51: God Or Demon?
16 May 2022
Local hero and crime boss Daya Patil is found murdered while getting a shave at a barbershop. Can the police uncover the mystery behind his death?

Episode 50: Tattoo Victim Case
13 May 2022
Ruby, an influencer from Bhopal, commits su!c!de and streams it all on her social media page. When the investigation begins, the police realize that similar cases have been reported over the past two months. Can the police find the common link between them and catch the culprit?

Episode 49: UP Paper Scam
12 May 2022
In Lucknow, a faulty lab report causes a man to lose his life. The lab assistant who made the lab report runs away after the news breaks out. Can the police find him and bring him to justice?

Episode 48: Delhi Triple Murder
11 May 2022
Hypnotist Reema Rana is found murdered at her home, along with her husband. Their young son, Arnav, is missing. Can the police find Arnav and bring the killers to justice?

Episode: 47 Tezaab
10 May 2022
Khambhat Police find the dead body of a young girl on the outskirts of the city. However, they have no means of identifying the victim, as her face is severely damaged. How will the police solve this case?

Episode 46: Bhram
09 May 2022
Prajakta Naik comes to the police station, claiming that she has been tricked into marrying a girl. However, the police are not willing to believe her story. Is Prajakta telling the truth?

Episode 45: Bheja Fry - Part 2
06 May 2022
Delhi police find Jaya's dead body at the same location where they found Priya. They suspect that Pratham, a man who was involved with both of these girls in the past, could have something to do with their deaths. Can the police solve this complex murder mystery?

Episode 44: Bheja Fry - Part 1
05 May 2022
Priya Sachdeva gets ambushed in the middle of the night while travelling on an isolated road. The next day, the police find her mutilated dead body when they arrive at the crime scene. Can the police find and bring the killer to justice?

Episode 43: Helpless
04 May 2022
A young girl named Madhavi is found murdered in a public park. When the police begin their investigation, they discover that a service pistol was used as the murder weapon. Is a police officer behind the murder of this innocent child?

Episode 42: Abortion Racket
03 May 2022
In Lucknow, a schoolgirl named Shreya mysteriously goes missing. Her teacher decides to inform the police a month after her disappearance. Will the police be able to get to her in time?

Episode 41: Rouge
02 May 2022
While eloping with his girlfriend, Pinkesh gets mercilessly shot by a biker. Inspector Jai Pathak takes up the case and vows to catch the killer. Will he succeed?

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