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EPISODES Jun 2022 | CRIME PATROL 2.0 | Episode 63 to 84


List of all the Crime Patrol 2.0 Episodes telecasted during Jun 2022.
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Episode 84 Durgati
30 Jun 2022
In the city of Bhopal, a young and driven woman named Ragini departs for work one morning but never returns home, prompting her parents to launch a frantic search. The next day, Ragini is discovered dead, having been hanged from a tree. Can the police unravel the enigma behind Ragini's sudden demise?

Episode 83 Sauda
29 Jun 2022
Sandeep Patil, a man residing in Jodhpur, is attacked and robbed by a gang of three juveniles. Despite surviving his life-threatening injuries, Sandeep files a complaint at the police station. Can the police locate these children and uncover the underlying motives for their actions?

Episode 82 Jogeshwari Murder Case
28 Jun 2022
In Jogeshwari, a woman named Zubaida, her husband, and her son are found dead within their own home, while Zubaida's daughter, Ayesha, remains missing. Can the police locate Ayesha before it becomes too late?

Episode 81 Khel
27 Jun 2022
Kartik, a young and successful social media influencer residing in Lucknow, is discovered dead just a few days prior to his wedding, with his death being portrayed as a su!c!de. However, the police suspect that it might have been a premeditated murder. Will their investigation reveal the truth?

Episode 80 The Last Journey
24 Jun 2022
Jaggi Shergill, a celebrated Punjabi musical artist, is killed during a shootout on a highway, with the police suspecting that his rival gang might be responsible. Can the police uncover the truth behind his death?

Episode 79 Dahisar Triple Murder
23 Jun 2022
In Dahisar, a young girl named Meeta is discovered dead in her college, with her boyfriend Rahul coming under scrutiny. How will the police solve this case?

Episode 78 Gujarat Murder Case
22 Jun 2022
In Gujarat, a young scientist named Dharam Patel is killed with a sword while returning home from work, and the police have suspicions about a man named Jitesh, whom Dharam owed money to. Will the police be able to crack the case?

Episode 77 Victim Kaun?
21 Jun 2022
Rashmi, a young girl residing in Patna, is found dead within her house, with her friend Sonu being implicated in her murder, as she was initially seen near the crime scene. However, is Sonu truly guilty, or is someone else behind Rashmi's death?

Episode 76 Vasai Virar Double Murder
20 Jun 2022
Smita and Ashok Pandey mysteriously vanish from their own home, with their neighbors becoming concerned and alerting the police, who find both of them tied to the ground when they enter their home. Although Smita survives, Ashok dies due to suffocation. How will the police solve this perplexing case?

Episode 75 Day Care Murder Case
17 Jun 2022
Two young girls, Diya and Jiya, collapse at their daycare in Lucknow, and despite being taken to the hospital, both are declared dead upon arrival. Can the police determine the reason behind their mysterious deaths?

Episode 74 Kalank
16 Jun 2022
Kajal, a twelve-year-old girl residing in Prayagraj, goes missing from her house, with her family members discovering her dead body in a nearby forest the next day. Can the police identify the culprit behind this heinous crime?

Episode 73 Malad Double Murder Case
15 Jun 2022
Politician Narendra Yadav becomes a suspect when allegations of his involvement in scams begin circulating in the media. Matters worsen when his elder brother, Surendra, dies in a road accident, with Narendra being blamed. Can Narendra prove his innocence?

Episode 72 Pune Multiple Murder Case
14 Jun 2022
Doctor Ravi Jadhav and his two friends die during a shootout at an abandoned warehouse, and when the police commence their investigation, they uncover evidence indicating that a fourth individual might be responsible for the murders. Can the police apprehend this fourth person and bring them to justice?

Episode 71 Tandali Double Murder Case
13 Jun 2022
In Tandali, a street vendor named Sada and his daughter Mitali are brutally beaten by the local police for speaking out against them. The following day, both are found dead outside the city limits. How will justice be served for Sada and Mitali?

Episode 70 Bhool
10 Jun 2022
Sejal Mehta, a twenty-eight-year-old lawyer residing in Palghar, is found dead in her home, and although her death initially appears to be a su!c!de, the police begin to suspect foul play as their investigation progresses. Can they uncover the truth behind Sejal's death and bring her justice?

Episode 69 Thane Double Murder Case
09 Jun 2022
Neeti is coerced into prostitution to provide for her family and befriends an old man named Balbir Singh Sodhi, who provides her with financial aid. However, things take a dark turn when Balbir is found dead in his home. Is Neeti responsible for his murder?

Episode 68 Bikaner Murder Case
08 Jun 2022
A woman in Bikaner is murdered in her home under mysterious circumstances. Can the police solve this case and bring her justice?

Episode 67 The Honeymoon Murder Case
07 Jun 2022
Gargi and Kunal, a newly married couple on their honeymoon in Lucknow, are attacked by a group of masked men, who rob Kunal and kidnap Gargi. Can the police locate this gang and reunite Gargi with her husband?

Episode 66 Thane Murder Case
06 Jun 2022
Versha, a young girl residing in Thane, goes missing under mysterious circumstances, and her dead body is found tied to a tree after five days. Versha's parents accuse the Thane police of their daughter's murder. Is their accusation accurate, or is the truth somethingelse entirely?

Episode 65 Vasai Double Murder Case
03 Jun 2022
Kalidas Savan, a local politician in Vasai, is stabbed to death by two masked men on a motorbike. Can the police capture these masked assailants and unravel the truth behind this crime?

Episode 64 Gumshuda - Part 2
02 Jun 2022
The police discover an organ trafficking ring operating in Kerwa forest. Can they catch these criminals and put an end to their heinous activities?

Episode 63 Gumshuda - Part 1
01 Jun 2022
Niharika, a newly-wed girl, is kidnapped from her grandmother's house in Bhopal under mysterious circumstances. Can the police uncover the truth behind this perplexing abduction?

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