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Gangster Anant Javle take revange after 1 year (Episode 6 on 14 May 2011)

Anant Javle (real name Anand Ingle and played by Rajesh Khera) is a gangster who want to be a part of Mumbai underworld's well known Pujari Gang. Pujari gang rejects him because he is a bad shooter. He want to create his own gang so he plans to rob Vijay Bhatija (real name Vijay Bhatinja)- a well known builder who lives with his wife and daughter. He robs Vijay and finds some documents inside his suitcase. He blackmails 25 lac for these papers

Vijay is ready to pay but at the time of settlement police captures Anant. Anant get presentment of 1 year. After 1 year he comes back and hostages Vijay's wife, daughter and servent.
Mumbai police's Force warns anant to surrender.

How Mumbai police faced Anant Javle?
Was they succeeded in shooting him?
Is there anyone killed?

Watch here inside story of the case with crime patrol version:
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