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Sunita Makhija cheated after death of her husband's insurance claim of 12 lac (Episode 84, 11 Feb 2012)

Sunita Makhija (Real name Neha) is wife of Deepak makhija (Real name Harish) in mumbai. Karan is the only son of them. Deepak assures karan not to worry about money because karan want to become a doctor. But unfortunately deepak lost his life in accident takes place while he was working on his site. The family is in shock. Trouble again begins with them when bank denies sunita to pay 12 lac insurance amount. Bank tells then that sunita already has withdrew all her money.

Will Sunita Makhija get her all money back?

Here is the Online Episode:

Watch here now with the real case history of Dahisar with photos of victim and fraudsters.

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