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A Child's Trauma: Rajasthan, The innocent girl Komal Molested and assaulted (Episode 307 on 25th Oct 2013)

A Child's Trauma
एक बच्ची की यातना
Komal, a four year old girl was molested by a 40 year old fellow villager Arvind Rampuri. Komal's parents Vijay and Karuna who are utensil seller, knocks door of Khaap panchayat rather than police. Khaap panchayat makes a decision that Arvind's son will have to marry Komal once Komal becomes 18 year old. And during this Arvind will take all expense and responsibility of Komal.
Arvind is not ready on this decision and tells Panchayat that he will not allow this marriage and he will marry Komal himself after Komal turns 18.

After 1 week Arvind again attacks Komal.



Here is the inside story of the case:

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