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Crime Patrol | Taxi: Delhi's Well Known UBER Case (Episode 469, 470 On 13, 14 Feb 2015)


Delhi's girl Tanvi Sahu want to return to her home after her friend's party is over. One of her friend suggests her or take Speed Up Taxi service which is easy to book and there is no need to pay cash. They books a cab for her and Tanvi leaves for her home in the mid-night.

Tired from office and then in the party Tanvi takes a nap in the taxi then suddenly she feels that someone is touching her. Scared Tanvi wakes up and shocked to see that taxi is stopped and taxi driver is trying to molest her. When she tries to call for help, driver warns her not to scream otherwise he will kill her. He forces Tanvi to co-operate with her otherwise she would have to pay for this. Driver rapes Tanvi in the taxi and then drops her at her doorstep.

Tanvi narrets whole incident to her family and friends and with all encouragement they files a police complain against that taxi driver. Booking sms shows that driver's name is Nagesh Chauhan. First police tries to find out detail about this taxi service and they are shocked to know that this worldwide famous taxi service is not a registered service in the city and they has only two employees to maintains all the data of all booking city-wide.

क्राइम पैट्रॉल की ये कहानी 2014 में दिल्ली में एक ऊबर टैक्सी ड्राइवर द्वारा किये गए एक महिला के दुराचार पर आधारित है। ये घटना 5 दिसंबर की रात हुई थी और छानबीन के बाद ड्राइवर शिव कुमार यादव को गिरफ्तार किया गया था जो की उस समय मथुरा में छिपा हुआ था।

आगे की छानबीन के बाद ये भी पता चला था की यादव हमेशा से ही औरतों को छेड़ता रहता था और उसने चेन स्नैचिंग जैसी वारदातों को भी अंजाम दिया हुआ है।

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