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Case 15/2018: In The Sake of Mother, Sisters Trio Steal infant boy from Hospital (Ep 910/911 on 14/15 Aug 2018)
Case 20/2018: Rising DJ Tanveer Ansari found killed in his home (Episode 921, 922 on 19th, 20th May 2018)
Case 6/2018: 'Psycho killer' Buddhadeb Behera held in the murders of 6 women (Episode 892, 893 on 3, 4 February 2018)
Case 41/2017: Hyderabad's NRI, a Customer Relationship officer in Abu Dhabi's National Bank Syed Imran killed (Episode 820 on 23rd June, 2017)
Case 36/2017: Housewife Anjali found murdered in her house (Episode 811 on 1st June, 2017)
Darr: Rape accused killed after 12 year of the incident (Episode 495, 496 on 17th, 18th Apr 2015)
Taxi: Delhi's Well Known UBER case (Episode 469, 470 on 13th, 14th Feb 2015)
Unleashed Predators: Delhi 2010, Dhaulakuan gang rape case (Episode 439, 440 on 29th, 30th Nov 2014)
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