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Crime Patrol | Case 5/2017: Ego issues between a couple ends with two deaths (Episode 758 on 14th Jan, 2017)

2017 का पांचवा केस
Case 5/2017

In Bangalore (shown as Belgam), a tragic incident unfolded as a senior software engineer, Madhusudan (shown as Aditya Rao), fatally stabbed his wife (shown as Priya), also a senior software engineer, before jumping to his death from their 13-floor apartment. The couple, married for seven years with a daughter, was undergoing a turbulent phase in their relationship, as revealed by the police. Madhusudan took their daughter to his parents' home before confronting his wife at her office, where a bitter argument ensued.

Crime Patrol Cast: Vaibhavi Upaddhyaya and Kamlesh Oza

After visiting Roopa's parents, the heated argument persisted upon their return home. Madhusudan inflicted multiple stab wounds on Roopa's face, chest, hands, and stomach. His su1c!de attempts included hanging himself from the ceiling fan, which broke, and then trying to immolate himself with kerosene before leaping from the balcony. The cause of their marital discord remains unclear, though it's suspected that Madhusudan's short temper might have significantly contributed to the tension between them.

SonyLiv: 5/2017


Here is the inside story of the case:

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  1. What is theActress name of crime patrol episode 758.She is fantastic actress .