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Writer/Actor Prem Saxena Working on a new Crime Show Named "Gupt" inspired by True Incidents.

Prem Saxena, an actor and writer who previously worked on shows like "Crime Patrol," "Savdhaan India," and "Crime Alert," is now developing a new crime series called "Gupt," which was inspired by real stories.

Prem Saxena has written several crime shows, including "Crime Alert" and "Love Jugaad", and is excited to bring "Gupt" to audiences.
Sunil Sharma, who has directed numerous episodes of "Crime Patrol," is directing the series, while Yash Shah and Maan Singh are producing it. The show is currently being filmed, with Khushi Khan, Anjali Banerjee, and others in the lead roles and will soon be broadcast on an OTT platform.

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