Posted On: Friday, January 20, 2012

Raj rapes Gia all the way from Mumbai to Goa (Episode 77 on 20th Jan 2012)

Raj (real name Manish Khanulkar(26) and played by Swapnil Kothriwal) is a 'road side romeo'. His hobby is to tease minor girls. He already has harassed a girl of her locality. Fear of infamy forced the family to leave mumbai so they shifts to pune.

Gia (played by Ekta Methai) also lives in a same locality of kandivali. She is orphan so she live with her mama (maternal uncle played by Amar Sharma) and nani (granny). She is a intelligent girl so she takes care of his mama's estate business as well as goes her school. One day gia explains his mama that a road side romeo named Raj is teasing and stalking at her. Her mama warns Raj to stay away from her niece Gia otherwise he will raise a complain to police.

Raj avoids all these warnings and a day he kidnaps Gia.

Why does he kidnaps Gia?
What does he do with gai after kidnap?

Click this link for a crime petrol episode as well as real story behind the case:

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