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Shaitaan (Colors TV): Kolkata girl Rohini Sen murder case in Bangalore (Episode 29, Apr 6, 2013)

Rohini Sen (real name Tanya Banerjee and played by Archana Karmakar) is Kolkata girl to comes to Bangalore to join a company where her boyfriend Aman (real name Gururaj Kishore) is already working. They both shares same rented flat and lives together. Rahini is not satisfied with her salary and she feels that 30,000 a month is not good enough for her. The urge of being wealthy forces her in prostitution.
Aman is a short tempered boy and after knowing that she is doing prostitution, he loses his temper and kills her.
Based on Aviva customer care girl Tanya Banerjee murder case in Bangalore. Tanya's body was found on the highway near Sakleshpur, about 287 km from Bangalore.

During the investigation police also found that Tanya was once arrested by Bangalore police on the charge of prostitution. After putting in custody for 1 month, she was released on bail.
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