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Sachin Deshpanday: Story of SP Shivdeep Lande during 2011 in Bihar (Dial 100 Episode 44 on 14th December, 2015)

- IPS Officer Shivdeep Waman Lande is currently serving to Maharashtra on central deputation
- He has served Munger, Araira and Purania districts of Bihar.
- He is an IPS Officer of 2006 Batch
- He has served as the SP of Patna - Central Region, where he became very popular among girls also.
- He arrested many criminals from fake cosmetic and medicine sellers.
- He was a hero among young girls of the cities he server because he always took actions against eve-teasers

Born: 20 August 1976 (age 40), Akola
Education: Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj College of Engineering
Home town: Paras, Taluka Balapur, District Akola, Maharashtra, India




Visit this link to know about him:

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aaeti said…
What is the name of the actor played so deshpande
Unknown said…
I knw,he looks smart..but we will see him in mank next episodes as,actor than we have google for what. @riks...
Sana said…
what is the real name of actor that played the role sachin deshpande
Sana said…
What is the name of the actor that played the role of sachin deshpande
bravefart said…
What was the real name of MLA who was caught with his perverted son?
Unknown said…
Kanhailal yadav