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Jung: Mechanical engineering student Sameer Alam joins a terrorist group (Crime Patrol Dial 100, Episode 80, 81 on 5th, 6th January, 2016)

Samir Alam is a mechanical engineering student from a lower middle class family in Mumbai. He lives with his younger sister and mother. From last few days he is in touch of an unknown girl over the internet. He is not telling anyone about this and keeping herself busy with her on internet chat. His friends are not able to understand his changed behavior from last few days. He has become very aggressive and short tempered.
Last 4-5 days he is looking very nervous and a night he suddenly goes missing with some of his luggage. Her mother and sister are shocked to see him missing in the morning. They files a police complain but police is also not able to find any clue about him. Three months passes, Samir's mother gets a phone call from Samir who tells him that he is going on a war and he will take revenge from the people against her religion. Her mother is completely shocked and shares this with another family member who tells her that looks like Samir has joined some terrorist group and he war is about Jehad and Terrorism. Scared mother does not tell anything about his phone call to police and prays that his some will remain safe.

Part 1: Crime Patrol Dial 100 Jung 1
Part 2: Crime Patrol Dial 100 Jung-2

Part 1:
Part 2:

Here is the inside story of the case:

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