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Crime Patrol | Marriage bureau manager Kunal murder case (Episode 10 on 28 May 2011)

Kunal Kashyap (real name Sanjeev Kumar Lal Das) is a brother of Aditya (real name Manoj Kumar Lal Das) who lives in Pushp Vihar area, Delhi. Aditya is married and has 2 small kids. Kunal is a bachelor and works as a manager in a marriage bureau named Happy Marriage Bureau. After Kunal goes missing Aditya raised a complaint to the police (lead played by Aayam Mehta) that his brother is missing.

His office colleague tells police that he got the call from his boss and owner of marriage bureau Dhanraj Panday. Police investigate and finds that previous manager of the marriage bureau named Farhan is also missing from few months. Finally, police find dead body of Kunal.

Online Episode on Sonyliv:
Here is the inside story of the case:
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