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Crime Patrol | Dr. Shastri's Prenatal Determination Clinic busted (Episode 25 on 22 July 2011)

The issue of a skewed gender ratio in India is a major problem, caused by the widespread practice of prenatal gender determination tests, which allow parents to abort female fetuses. Illegal clinics operating throughout the country perpetuate this practice, as evidenced by the story of Mallika, who was pressured to abort her daughter due to the results of a prenatal test. These clinics charge a fee, with higher charges for examining baby boys, reinforcing the preference for male children.

resham thakaar

Couple visits Dasgaon's (Maharashtra) Dr. Shastri's clinic for a prenatal test. After finding the baby girl, the doctor aborts the baby.

Fees of doctors during the test were 10,000/- and 40,000/-. 10,000/- for test and aborting girl and 40,000/- for examining the baby boy.

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