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Dr. Shastri's Prenatal Determination Clinic busted (Episode 25 on 22 July 2011)

Another big problem of our India is the insignificant birth ratio of boys and girls. The reason behind this! Prenatal test. The test that determines the gender of the fetus inside the womb near 3 months of pregnancy. India has lots of illegal and hidden clinics running around the country those do this test so that the baby's parent can abort their baby girl before birth.
resham thakur
The case reveals the story of a lady Mallika who was forced to abort during her 3rd month because she was having a baby girl in her womb. Couple visits Dasgaon's (Maharashtra) Dr. Shastri's clinic for a prenatal test. After finding the baby girl, the doctor aborts the baby.

Fees of doctors during the test were 10,000/- and 40,000/-. 10,000/- for test and aborting girl and 40,000/- for examining the baby boy.


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