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65 Year Old Chanda Narang Goes Missing (Episode 48 on 8th October 2011)

Based on a real incident reported in Delhi.

It was a AAIMS security guard who find an old lady lying unconscious near the gate, took her inside the hospital and got her admitted.

The old lady identified as Asha Singhal who is also sister of Delhi's MP Harsh Vardhan.

Her daughter in law Reena (28) who was frustrated with Asha behaviour towards her and thats why she planned to eliminate her from her life. That day Reena tricked Asha by having her glass of milk laced with sleeping pills. After Asha Singhal went unconscious, she rented a car, bribed the driver and took her to various hospitals before dumping her a AAIMS' gate.
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Here is the inside story of the case

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