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The Abduction: Ankita Sharma a waitress in a pub kidnaps by eve teasers (Episode 60 on 19 Nov 2011)

Ankita Sharma (played by Sonali Nikam) is a waitress who works in a pub in Delhi. A day while returning from her job she gets kidnapped by few boy who earlier had arguments with Ankit at her pub. That time pub was about to close but those guys were forcing Ankita to provide her food and beverages.

After her kidnap her husband and sister are scared. Delhi Police immediately takes action and launches their search operation and finally chases them. Ankit is now rescued but she is still very scared of the incident happened with her.
Incident is based on a true story reported on 25th July, 2011 at National Capital Delhi. Delhi police setup five teams in this search operation and the woman was recused in hours of her abduction with the arrest of two of the kidnappers.

Online Episode on YouTube:

Online Episode on YouTube (Bengali):

Here is the inside story of the case

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