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Hit and Run: Rajiv dies in a hit n run road accident (Episode 193, 194 on 21st-22nd Dec 2012)

Rajiv Sharma (real name Munish Dutta) and Sanjiv Sharma (real name Rajnish Dutta and played by
Rushad Rana
) are brothers. Rajiv lives at Yamuna Tower- Gurgaon near sector 47. Rajiv has breathing problem. A night when Rajiv does not returns from his office, Sanjiv reports a FIR. Next day police finds Rajiv's body near Sector 57 highway. Postmortem report reveals that it is a simple hit and run case where someone hit and ran Rajiv on the road.
Police saying that these types of cases takes time in getting a result so Sanjiv should wait, but Sanjiv takes responsibility of solving the case himself. He takes leave of 1 month and starts investigation.
Check the link how a brother unfolded murder mystery of his adorable brother.
For inside story as well as crime patrol version of the case find the link below.
Here is the inside story of the case:
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