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Shaitaan (Colors): Story of an obsessed lover lance naik Satbeer Rawat (Episode 9 on 30th Dec 2012)

The story hunts around a obsessed lover who is a Ex Lance Naik Satbeet Rawat.

Satbeer meets sunita in a local bus and falls in love with her. Their relation continues and they has physical relation also. Later Sunita get to know that satbeer is already married with someone and has a kid also. Sunita starts neglecting him and goes away. Satbeer is getting frustrated and starts hunting Sunita.

A well directed episode which also describes how a Lance Naik's criminal mind invokes and how he utilizes his talent in commiting crimes.
Here you also understand the disorder these types of criminal has.

Tunnel Vision Psychology: is a term used in criminal psychology research in which a criminal only thinks about his target rather than its side effects. Like wise he is seeing something from a tunnel and talgetting only one people and his total attention is at him.

Obsessive relational intrusion: (ORI) is a term used in criminal psychology research used to describe the willful and continued intrusion into the personal life of a victim by an aspiring or former relational partner. ORI is related to stalking in that it is a milder form of relational harassment, often lacking the characteristic threatening and aggressive behavior normally associated with stalking. Cupach and Spitzberg (Cupach & Spitzberg 1998) have defined it as "repeated and unwanted pursuit and invasion of one's sense of physical or symbolic privacy by another person, either stranger or acquaintance, who desires and/or presumes an intimate relationship."

Obsessive Relational Progression: (ORP) The "Obsessive Love Wheel" (OLW) is a circular chart originally described by Dr. John D. Moore in his book, Confusing Love with Obsession. The wheel illustrates the four stages of Obsessive Relational Progression as part of Relational Dependency (RD). Moore suggests that for people who are afflicted with relational dependency (love addiction, codependency, etc.) their relationships often follow the pattern of the wheel. It is currently unknown if the same principles apply for a sudden attraction to anyone who bears a friendship, but can be speculated that this is something different entirely.

The initial phase of ORP is characterized by an instantaneous and overwhelming attraction to another person. It is at this point the relationally dependent person becomes dependent on a romantic interest, usually resulting from the slightest bit of attention from the person they are attracted to.


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