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Shaitaan (Colors): Story of an obsessed lover lance naik Satbeer Rawat (Episode 9 on 30th Dec 2012)

The story revolves around an obsessed lover named Satbeet Rawat, a former Lance Naik.

Satbeer meets Sunita on a local bus and they fall in love. They continue their relationship, including a physical one. However, Sunita later discovers that Satbeer is already married and has a child. She starts to distance herself from him, leading to Satbeer becoming frustrated and obsessed with finding her.

This well-directed episode also delves into the criminal mind of a former Lance Naik and how he uses his talents to commit crimes. It sheds light on the disorders that these types of criminals often have, including tunnel vision psychology, where the criminal is fixated only on their target and ignores any potential consequences.

Obsessive Relational Intrusion (ORI) is another disorder explored in the episode. ORI involves the willful and continued intrusion into a victim's personal life by a former or aspiring partner, often lacking the aggression typically associated with stalking.

Additionally, the episode discusses Obsessive Relational Progression (ORP), which is illustrated by the "Obsessive Love Wheel" (OLW). This circular chart outlines the four stages of ORP and highlights how those who struggle with relational dependency often follow this pattern. The first stage of ORP involves an overwhelming attraction to another person, which can lead to a person becoming overly dependent on their romantic interest.

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