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Shaitaan (Colors): Shweta's Death became shocking truth after police investigation (Episode 17 on 10th February 2013)

Kanpur police finds a dead body of girl whose face was brutally squelched. When a man comes to files his missing daughter's FIR then police identifies the girl as Shweta by her cloths. Shweta's father confirms that she is Shweta.

Shweta's father also tells police that a guy named Monty Yadav may be behind her murder because they were in love with each other. Police start tracking Monty and find that the same age girl named Neha is also missing from Gonda.

The case is already portrayed by Crime Patrol Dastak as 23 year old Mala goes missing after her friend's Birthday party (Episode 24 on16th July 2011)

Color's Episode is here:

crime patrol gorakhpur case Shikha Dubey, Mala, actress Archana Veda
Maala played by Archana Veda

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