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Commercial Surrogacy and Child Trafficking Rackets in India (Episode 233, 234 on Apr 13th, 14th 2013

Veena (real name Manjula) a Ahemdabad based woman comes to police to report that she is harassed by a guy named Girish (real name Rajkumar). Police does a midical checkup and checkup reveals that Veena is 2 months pregnant. Lady police (lead played by Ankita Bhargava) files FIR and investigates at Girish's home at Surat. They finds Girish's father is a head constable at Surat and he does not know anything about Girish's profession. Girish's cellphone is now switched off. Police comes back to Vadodara and after reaching they comes to know that Veena has withdrew the FIR. Police still investigates and catches Veena and Girish both.

The investigation now turns towards commercial surrogacy and child trafficking.

Here is the inside story of the case:
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