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Crime Patrol | Khushi's pain described in her personal diary (Episode 23 on 15 July 2011)

26-year-old Aarti Shekhar (real name Khushi and played by Sargun Mehta) killed herself just after few months of her dream marriage to a Wipro techie Sikandar Abhijeet. For Khushi (from Bihar) this was a dream come true when she got married to Sikandar but as time flows his dream turned into a nightmare. Her personal diary found by police was enough to explain her pain which she goes during these few months.

Sikandar also belongs to Bihar and this was a arrange marriage settled by their parents. Being a high paid software engineer, Sinkandar's family had high expectations from Khushi's parent and the diary says that it was really hard for Khushi's parent to arrange everything for them.

Here is the crime patrol version of the case:
Link 1 (Not Working): Episode 23 - 15th July 2011
Link 2 (Working): Episode 23 - 15th July 2011


And this is the inside story of the case:
Sweety’s Diary : How the knot she tied took her life
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