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A Child's Fees: Surrogacy, an alternative to child adoption (Episode 272 on 19 July 2013)

Chanda (played by Neena Singh) belong to a lower class family in Mumbai who works as a maid in several homes. His husband (played by Chandresh Singh) is a factory worker and their monthly income is not more that ten thousand. The couple has 2 kids. Their economic condition is not strong even Chanda is conscious about her kids and their schooling is running in a very big school. The couple is hard to pay fees of their child and the fees is becoming over due.

School administration warns her to pay fee on time otherwise they can terminate their kids schooling. Chanda starts over work also asks for big amount near 40,000 rupee to the people where she works. His husband is also trying to arrange money but they get disappointed. Finally Nakul is dismissed from the school.

Chanda does not want her kids will suffer throughout the life as she suffer during her childhood. During her childhood she was willing to get literate but because of her family condition, her parents didn't carried her study.

One of lady where Chanda works, tell her a way to earn money. She sends Chanda to a Doctor and doctor describes her about surrogacy.

What is Surrogacy?
The Surrogacy came from a latin word Subrogate which means to appoint someone for our work.

Below is the inside story of the case:

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