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Rising: Purvi (Shweta Katti), a girl born an brought up in Mumbai'S red light area gets scholarship from America (Episode 273 on 20th July 2013)

Story of Purvi (real name Shweta Katti), a girl who born and brought up in a red light area of Mumbai and got scholarship from USA.

Shweta is eldest among her 3 sisters. His mother is a worker in a factory their. His father is actually his step-father who did not like her because of her black skin. She brought up at a place where abuse and confinement of women is common. She is now 19 her intense desire of study is keeping her going. The girl hailing from Mumbai's biggest red-light area, Kamathi Pura, had offers of 3 American universities for her bachelor degree in psychology. She was listed by Newsweek as one of the 25 under-25 women in the world to watch out for. The list includes women like Pakistani education activist Malala Yousafzai, who have battled adversity to become symbols of resistance and she has only just heard from New York's Bard College, who have accepted her as a student for the coming semester. They've offered her a $30,000 scholarship that covers her tuition fees for the year, as well as half her accommodation cost.

Sweta Katti

Shweta's life was not more than a brothel who suffered an alcoholic, abusive father. "Tera dil tere skin ke jaisa kala hai, a words said my my father." Shweta says. Read More...

Here is a video from IndiaTV where they titled it wrong. Read Shweta's comment on the video that the channel is spreading a wrong news.

We request you all readers of the blog to approach the channel to change the video title or remove the video.

Online Episode on YouTube:
Here is the inside story of the case

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