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Crime Patrol | Ambushed: Missing TCS Techie Esther Anuhaya found murdered (Episode 376, 377 on 31 May & 1 June 2014)


Gargi Narsimhan (real name Easther Anuhaya and played by Raquel Rebello) is a Software Engineer who works far from her home at a Mumbai's IT company. She is the only daughter of her parent. After spending Christmas holidays at her home she is leaving for Mumbai. Her mother-father both comes to see off her and her mother is very emotional at the moment.

Gargi's train will reach Dadar, Mumbai early in the morning 3:45 so her father Arvind Narsimhan calls her next morning but her mobile is continuously switched off. He is trying many times but no response. They are now tensed and near 10:00 AM they calls her friend and colleague Madhvi who works with her in the same office. Madhvi tells them that she will confirm Gargi's arrival after reaching office. She reaches office and does not find Gargi o her desk.

Gargi's father sends his relative to Gargi;s hostel to check but he also not finds Gargi there. Now her mother and father leaves for Mumbai.

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गार्गी एक सॉफ्टवेर इंजिनियर है जो की अपने माँ-बाप से दूर मुंबई की एक कंपनी में नौकरी करती है. वो अपने मत पिता की अकेली संतान है. वो छुट्टियों पे घर आई हुई थी सो उसे अब वापस जाना है. उसे माँ बाप दोनों स्टेशन तक छोड़ने आते हैं और उसकी माँ उस समय बहुत भावुक है.

उसकी ट्रेन को सुबह 3:45 पर मुंबई के दादर स्टेशन पहुचना है इसलिए अगली सुबह उसके पिता उसको फ़ोन लगते हैं मगर उसका मोबाइल स्विच ऑफ बताता है. वो उसका नंबर कई बार मिलाते हैं मगर लगातार स्विच ऑफ ही मिलता है. माँ-बाप दोनों बहुत घबराये हुए हैं. उसके पिता उसकी दोस्त माधवी, जो की उसके साथ ही काम करती है उसको कॉल कर के बोलते हैं की ऑफिस पहुच कब वो बताये की गार्गी ऑफिस पहुची की नहीं. 10 बज जाते हैं. माधवी ऑफिस जाकर देखती है मगर उसे गार्गी नहीं मिलती है.

गार्गी के पिता अपने एक रिश्तेदार जो की मुंबई में रहते है उनको फ़ोन लगा कर बोलते हैं की वो गार्गी के हॉस्टल जाकर पता करे की गार्गी वहां है या नहीं. वो हॉस्टल जाकर पता करते हैं मगर गार्गी हॉस्टल में भी नहीं है. इसके बाद गार्गी के माँ-बाप दोनों मुंबई के लए निकल जाते हैं.

Story is based on murder case of TCS techie Esther Anuhaya who was murdered then burnt with petrol near Bhandup (East) Mumbai. Her family and colleague found her body with the help of Vijaywada police team. It was unfortunate that they spent entire day themselves looking for her because last signal from her mobile were traced from Bhandupeshwar Kund in Kanjurmarg on 5th Jan 2014. Esther carried two cell phones and her parents were continuously trying both of them.

Esther’s father S. Jonathan Prasad and uncle Arun Kumar identified the body with the help of a golden ring on her finger.

“Esther has two numbers and we were constantly trying to get her on both. All calls went unanswered and, after a while, the phones appeared to have been switched off. I rushed to Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT) and found the train had arrived long ago. I tried to check with some passengers and finally approached Kurla GRP for help.”

Mr. Kumar confirmed.

During the whole incident Mr. Jonathan was really disappointed with the behavior of Mumbai police who was not helping them anymore pointing the matter to be a love affair. After one week of Esther’s body was found, her father Mr. Jonathan met then home minister Mr. Sushil Kumar Shinde to plead for help. Mr. Shinde then wrote Maharasthra’s home minister Mr. R.R. Patil asking for some fast action and identification of Esther’s killers.

Mr. Jonathan was not very satisfied with Shinde’s assurance and met Aam Aadmi Party leader Mr. Yogendra Yadav.

"I could not get any consolation from the Home Minister, so I thought of meeting AAP. We wanted to give them (AAP) information so that they can raise their voice. He (Yogendra) talked to his party men in Mumbai to take up the case," Mr Prasad said.

Anuhaya was a Software Engineer at TCS Goregaon and was living in Andheri. She was returning from her home after Christmas in Machilipatnam on December 22. She reached Mumbai on January 5 at Lokmanya Tilak Terminal, after which she went missing. Esther's family members found her charred remains on January 16 from the bushes near Tata Nagar Colony in Bhandup (East).

The case raised many questions on Mumbai police like how a history sheeter was hunting at a railway railway platform? Why railway police could not identify any activity related to case in CCTV footages? Why police was taking the case lightly as even it was not a love affair case! This case again put a question on women safety in Mumbai which was earlier known as a safe city for women.

The case was also highlighted by international media like Newyork Times, Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, CNN and BBC.

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