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Crime Patrol | Unbridled Desires: Vinayak kills mother, wife and daughter (Episode 432 on 14 November 2014)

बेलगाम ख्वाहिशें
Unbridled Desires

Vinayak Shinde is the team leader in a call center and he has a happy family life with his wife, daughter, and mother. One day, he meets an old friend who drives a luxurious and expensive car. Vinayak becomes curious about how his friend affords such a car and asks him. The friend reveals that he invests in the stock market and earns money from there. He tells Vinayak that he is doing well.

Vinayak's friend provides him with the number of a stockbroker and gives him a comprehensive explanation on how to invest and make profits in the stock market. Encouraged by the success of his initial investments, Vinayak decides to resign from his job as a call center team leader. He becomes solely dependent on the stock market for his livelihood. As a result of his financial stability, Vinayak decides to show his appreciation and gifts his wife a scooter and purchases a brand new car for himself.

Jatin Shah & Guruvesh Pandit (Unbridled-Desires-Vinayak-kills-mother-wife-daughter-Episode-432)

However, as time goes by, after 2 years the market starts to become unstable and Vinayak starts to lose money. He becomes anxious and starts to make impulsive decisions, leading to even more losses. He becomes obsessed with making back the money he lost and begins to neglect his family and other responsibilities. His wife and mother become worried and try to intervene, but he refuses to listen. Eventually, Vinayak loses all of his money and is left with nothing. He realizes the importance of having a steady job and a balance in life and decides to go back to work...

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Here is the inside story of the case
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