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Gumshuda: Ex Army man Srikant Singh goes missing (Crime Patrol Dial 100 Episode 48 on 20th December, 2015)

Retired Army man Captain Srikant Singh lives alone at his home where his servant Madhaar takes care of him. Because of his disciplined and army person like behaviour Captain's son Vishal and his family does not live with him. A night Vishal promises Captain that he will bring his son with him and will take dinner with Captain but at the time of dinner he denies to come. Captain feel very upset on this and has some drink.
Same night someone enters in his home and while he tries to attack Captain, captain attacks on him. Next morning Captain goes missing. Captain's sister files a missing complain about of him. His son Vishal is saying that he must have gone for some trip because his Car is also not present. He also says that he has done this before too. He shows police some bank transaction sms that his father is somewhere withdrawing handful amount from his bank amount and he is getting bank sms, so everything looks normal, he will must comeback.
Police is not happy with Vishal's mysterious behavior and then suddenly few guys finds Captain's car at Goregaon's Film city Area.

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