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Crime Patrol | Khel Khel Mein: Mysterious suicides of four friends Mayank, Bhuwan, Roshan and Vicky (Dial 100 Episode 120, 121 on 29th, 30th March, 2016)

Four teenage friends Mayank, Bhuwan, Roshan and Vicky dies in some mysterious circumstances. Two of them jump before a heavily loaded truck while the third's body was found at a deserted place. While the police are just starting their investigation, the fourth friend is about to die after taking poison at his home. Police admit him immediately to the hospital. During the investigation, police find that all the victim erased their mobile before the committed su!c!de. They also come to know that these boys took a heavy loan of rupee 6 lac on behalf of some stolen jewelry from their own home.

 For a long time police are clueless because after they deleted all their mobile data, they are not getting nay lead behind the motive of these su!c!de. They a day a mobile company guy reaches Mayank's home and tells asks his father to pay the pending bill of rupee 12,000. When his father looks at the bill he comes to know that this phone number does not belong to them while this is in the name of their property dealer from whom Mayank took 80,000 rupees just a few days back he died.

Part 2:

Part 1:
Part 2:

Here is the inside story of the case:

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