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NETFLIX: Indian Predator - The Diary Of A Serial Killer [Gayab: Serial Killer convicted of killing, eating brain of victims (Crime Patrol Dial 100 Episode 122 on 31st March, 2016)]

Rajkumar (real name Dhirendra Singh) is a journalist who works for a news paper in Lucknow (Newspaper AAJ - Uttar Pradesh). He lives with his wife, brother and kids. Vikrant is working on some urgent article and about to unfold some secrets but he goes missing. His cellphone is switched off so his wife and brother file FIR. 6 days after he goes missing, police still not able to find any clue. One day police finds a head less body at Kakori area (15-16 Km away from Lucknow). Police calls Vikrant's wife and brother to identify the body but they are saying that this is not Vikrant's body.

Media Coverage

"...the prosecution had also told the court
 that Kalandar used to eat certain body parts of his victims..."

Police starts investigation with his projects on which he was currently working and some shocking truth comes out.

The case unfolds mystery behind a predator named Badri Manohar (Real name Raja Kalander alias Ram Niranjan, 50) who convicted that he is a anthropophagous (aadam khor, आदमखोर) and he killed several people serially to eat their brain. He had a belief that eating brain of a person will make him intellectually powerful (buddhishaali, बुद्धिशाली).

Online Episode on YouTube:

Also featured by Color's Shaitaan - A Criminal Mind Episode 20:
Here is inside story of the case with online episode and photo of Raja Kalandar:

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