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Samjhauta: Rajni forced into prostitution by her own in-laws (Crime Patrol Dial 100 Episode 104, 105 on 2nd, 3rd March, 2016)

Rajni belongs to a middle class family who gets married to a businessman Ujjwal. Having high class parties every two-three days is a normal routine of the family. After spending some days in the family she starts realizing that her elder sister-in-law becomes friendly faster with few guests and spends night with them in knowledge of her husband and Rajni's brother-in-law.
She feels that after taking drink she becomes in-conscious and finds herself in different cloths. She find this thing a little awkward but her husband is around her when she open her eyes but a night while she is partially in-conscious feels that someone else is having physical relation with her. Later she comes to know that she was sleeping with other guys while she was not in her sense. She opposes this but Ujjwal, her brother even her sister in law forces her to sleep with them.
Next morning her sister-in-law tells her that it is their routine life and she has to adjust with it. Rajni approaches police and police asks her to give some evidence. Now plans to record inside activities through a spycam but caught redhanded by Ujjawal.

Now Ujjwal and his brother plans to declare her mentally unstable and sends her to a mental asylum.

Part 1:
Part 2:

Part 1:
Part 2:

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